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People with multiple servers like me may find it important to have private networking. I actually need it myself, and would love to see it added to Vultr.


  • Agreed, and please make it better than the competition. Private should be private - no communication with other "private" IPs - your own vlan.
  • +1 for private networking
  • +1 for private networking. This would make vultr the GO TO for hosted vm's.
  • +1 for this feature
  • +1 as well. +1 @ a +1 button as well, as someone proposed in another thread :)
  • +1 for this, espec. with the fast servers where storage is also based - could be very useful.
  • +1 either non-vlan'ed (handle your own firewall) or vlaned. Something unmetered.
  • +1 +1 +1 for this feature. Would really like to be able to segment some services from the rest of the interwebs.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that vlan's for each customer would likely be the most secure way to implement this feature. In the past companies have had various blunders with leaked traffic and sniffing, this is something to keep in the back of your mind.

    Digitalocean employs mac address filtering as far as I'm aware which is potentially insecure to spoofing and other various attacks, a vlan may help overcome these issues and provide a higher level of security.
  • Well in either way, on Digital Ocean, I use the iptables to accept the private ip addresses of my servers, as well as transfer data via ssh and ssl so even if someone is attempting to sniff the data, they will not be able to see it but yea having a vlan would possibly be better in many ways
  • +4

    This would increase my order from 2 vps to four vps per month if this feature were available.
  • I agree that an unmetered vlan would be spectacular. being able to maintain a frontend backed by a multi-master mysql setup would be brilliant, especially with being able to back up and replicate a machine in minutes.
  • We hope to have this capability available in June.
  • +1 for unmetered VLAN.
  • Unmetered vlan between 2 or more vps in same location very needed especially for the Tokyo/Sydney nodes that only have 100-500GB bandwidth
  • Any ETA @DaveA, it's June now, wooo.
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    We are still working out the kinks on the private networking setup but towards the end of June is the current target.
  • I love you guys.
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    We have started our beta program for Private Networking and all the posters on this thread have been added to the beta.

    As a beta member, you can enable Private Networking in two ways:

    1. For new instances, on the deploy page you can select the Enable Private Networking checkbox
    2. For existing instances, on the IPv4 tab you will have an Enable Private Networking button. This will require that you manually adding the configuration for the private interface. (You can spin up a new instance with the same OS if you want to see a sample configuration)

    If you experience any errors with this feature or have any suggestions, please submit your feedback directly to our support system:
  • :thumbsup: @mike !
  • @mike I'd like to be added to the beta, too, if possible.
  • Could you add me to the beta program too, please?
  • @Letter @WipeAir Private networking has been enabled on your accounts.

    We also have some information about what configuration you would need to do here:
  • Can I also have private networking?
  • @dylantaylor92 Private networking has been enabled on your account.
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