Hard Drive not Found

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I am trying to install Kerio Control ISO is located http://download.kerio.com/dwn/kerio-control-installer.iso
Its a Firewall, I am not able to install that in VULTR, I can install this without any issue in my own virtual environment but every time I run the ISO in Vultr I get error message it says Hard Drive Not found, Its a little strange, I will appreciate any help.


  • It looks like some of Kerio's products can be installed via a package manager if you are using linux. Might want to try that.
  • how can install via package manager?
    can you explain more?
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    use any iso editor then edit the file ks.cfg


    #ignoredisk --only-use=sda


    ignoredisk --drives=sdb,sdc,vda1,sda,vda

    then save again the .ISO and upload it using https://transfer.sh

    Use URL to add ISO to VULTR

    after that attach or create new server using added ISO from VULTR

    Go to web console, finish the installation wizard.

    it will work

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