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I read your 100% Uptime guarantee with interest and I wondered if you operate your hosting on multiple nodes in the Sydney location - in other words, is the service "Ḧigh Availability" in that it would switch over to another node if one goes down? Or is it just a single node service?

NB why can't I add new tags for this discussion, there does not appear to be a tag for uptime, nodes, or high availability! ?


  • No, our instances do not provide any sort of HA by default. This is something you would need to implement yourself. We have some suggested configurations here https://www.vultr.com/docs/high-availability-on-vultr-with-floating-ip-and-bgp
  • When the SLA says 100% uptime, I think it refers to the idea that if Vultr does not meet 100% then they will provide some compensation as specified in the SLA
    There are very few systems out there that are truly 100% Highly Available.
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    Interesting they don't have any HA. I guess this means that if a server fails, the VMs hosted on that server will be done for a few hours, right?
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    Thank you for the clarification. Yes, I guess without any HA offering, it means if the server goes down, the hosted VM will be down too. It's a pity there is not some kind of failover / HA offering - I would have moved quite a few servers over, but instead, I will continue looking! I guess if you want that level of service you go to AWS or Google - or build it yourself for a few thousand bucks!
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