Un-reserve attached ip?

If I un-reserve a reserved ip address that's attached to a server, does the ip address remain attached to the server? Another way of asking this question is, is it possible to convert a reserved ip back to "non-floating" ip address? Thanks!


  • Yes, if it's currently attached to the server it will remain attached.
  • When I tried to un-reserve a attached IP address, I got the following error message "Unable to destroy reserved IP: IP must be removed from all servers before this subscription can be closed". I cannot find any way of converting a reserved IP to a "non-reserved" IP.
  • Currently, only the main ip of a server can be converted to an unreserved IP. If it's an extra IP, this is not possible.
  • Does this advice still hold true today?

    I would like to upgrade from cloud compute to high frequency and keep my ip. Going from $5 to $6 a month, without paying the additional $3/month for the reserved ip.

    After reserving the ip, moving it to the new instance, then destroying the old instance. Can I make it the main ip and then unreserve it?

  • Only the main IP of a server can be converted to an unreserved IP.

  • After transferring a reserved IP to the server, can I make it the main ip to unreserve it? Or is the main ip the one its created with and doesn't change?

  • If you add the reserved IP to a running instance, it will be a secondary IP. It's not possible to convert a secondary IP to the main IP.

    If you deploy the new server with the reserved IP, it will be the main IP.

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