Higher CPU needed

Can offer higher CPU than 2.4Ghz, extra add-on charges is ok as well.

Alternative, offer add-on vCPU will be great too.



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    @wilsonwmj I'm reluctant to comment because at the end of the day it really is unclear on what is planned behind the scenes or what the future will hold.

    However I think it is safe to say for the long term I would expect that seeing CPU ,RAM or any sort of customized packages won't be coming (apart from block storage which doesn't consume disk on the host node anyway...).

    As for higher Ghz maintaining enterprise grade hardware would cost Vultr alot and I mean alot for high clock speed CPU's in the past they did use i7's (well i believe they did) which cost a fraction in most cases of e3,e5,e7 high clock speed range.
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