Queryable Vultr name servers?

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We do not want to use Google's nor OpenDNS's public name servers, and we would prefer not to have to install a name server on any of our VPS's. Does Vultr have any reliable name servers that we can freely query from our VPS's? If so, what are their IP addresses, specifically at the Los Angeles location? Can we trust that those addresses will not be changed without warning in the future? Thanks in advance.


  • We do not provide recursive DNS servers right now. If this is something you require, I'd suggest installing your own recursive server (such as Unbound).

    However, please note that open recursive servers represent a major security issue, so make sure that you lock down the server to only be accessible from authorized IP addresses (do not leave it open for everyone to use). See http://openresolverproject.org/ for further details.
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