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Dear Support,
I have simple website " index.html & PIC folder & CSS folder " I'm looking for index it in server ??!!
how do that to access my website like any website live ..

Tnak you


  • Hello @tawxp2004,

    It's ashame nobody has tried to help you... probably has something to do with your unhelpful confused post.

    Are you currently using Vultr or have you signed up spun up a vps and thinking what now!?
  • @tawxp2004,

    Using Vultr for hosting a simple website might be somewhat complicated compared to easier solutions (blueHost, goDaddy, or one of the million other shared hosting services). I am not suggesting you give up on Vultr, it will require a bit of homework on your end, but it is well worth the time. Essentially, you will need to learn the basics of server administration (likely linux of some flavor), install a web server on the VPS, and drop in the html files (index.html, etc) in the correct folder for your webserver. All these steps are highly dependent on your VPS operating system and the webserver you pick to install.

    >> how do that to access my website like any website live ..
    You will need to configure DNS to point your domain name to your VPS. Again the steps to do this are dependant on the vendor you picked to purchase your domain. If you do not have a domain, you can just enter the ip address is the url field of your web browser.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions, and I will try to help.

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    We do offer some One-Click Apps designed to simplify website management. One of the most popular commercial tools for this is cPanel, but this software does charge a license fee. Check it out here:

    Alternatively, you can also try Webmin (free) and see if that works for you:

    We also offer some other options that you may find useful (one click lemp/lamp/etc). Browse the full list of apps here:
  • Hi,

    is it plesk is free

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