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I tried to find a phone number on your website and I found none. I have several question

1) if you don't have a phone number and we have a technical problem. How do we contact you? It's important for me to have the service up as soon as possible. No time to enter a forum to let you know about an outage.

2) The promotion of doubling our amount. When does that credit expire? If per example I add 50$ now so you will add another 50$. Your 50$ when does they expire?

Thank you


  • We do not provide phone support. If you're having service related issues, you'd need to put in a ticket via your control panel.

    Account credit does not expire.
  • What is the target response time for a ticket?
    Any plans to offer livechat spuport? even if at a premium level of support.
  • We do not provide support for software that you've installed to your VPS, nor configuration assistance that way. We monitor all our services, so we'd know about an outage before you could report it.

    We have staff available 24/7 to correct any issues that may occur.
  • Don't expect you to "manage" the vm.. or software..

    I would only create tickets in case of issues with the VM that are suspected to be a problem on yoru side.
    I have been around long enough and have used enough providers to create enough VMs to already have run into host/hypervisor issues (bad disk, bad network card, bad disk array, etc..)..

    so again...
    What is the target response time for a ticket?
    24 hours?
    8 hours?
    4 hours?

    Just looking an idea/average expected response time.

    For exmaple
    My VM goes dark, monitoring starts to send alarms.... I can't access the console because the console is not working... I create a ticket.. what is the target time I should be expecting a reply?
  • does have 24x7 technical support staff and trouble ticket coverage and our resources are monitored around the clock. In the case of an emergency (node outage, hardware failure & replacement, etc) our staff is notified and dispatched to resolve the issue, likely before you even contact us.

    However, we do not have a guaranteed/target support response time for our current unmanaged support plan. We may consider adding a premium or managed hosting support plan in the future to address these type of requests.
  • My 2 cents:

    Just looked through my tickets and checked the timestamps, vultr have responded at the earliest of 10 minutes, and the latest of 2-3 hours. never any more than that, however.
  • I am waiting for an answer from your support since more than 24 hours right now! Ticket number AYB-467ZB.
  • @herohat Your ticket was waiting for our billing department, which is only available 9am - 5 pm Monday-Friday (GMT-5)
  • How long your billing takes to respond, I am waiting for response on TEZ-06TDW for more than 7 hours and if you don't do it today it will be another day lost and will have severe impact on my business.
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