Competitors Offer Load Balancers - what about Vultr?

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...any word on this feature ever being with Vultr?


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    Vultr has a history of keeping up with other providers' features so I'm pretty sure (hoping) we may see something similar in the future.
    You can still setup a loadbalancer manually on one or more vms. But of course, that's nowhere near the ease of use (and most likely performance) of a solution as elsewhere.
    Any response from Vultr staff?
  • As @quake mentioned, the Vultr platform does currently provide the necessary tooling for you to setup a highly available load balancer solution. There is no performance penalty - in fact, performance should be higher considering our benchmarks and the direct control of the configuration - but it does require additional knowledge and manual setup. Vultr will offer an easy-to-use option in the future.
  • Mike, thanks for the response, and I look forward to see what vultr puts out in terms of load balancing. I have looked into to developing my own load balancer with Vultr, but one thing that seems to be missing is bandwidth pooling. For example, if I spin up a small VC2 as a balancer, all front traffic will go through it. Thus, it needs to have at least the bandwidth of the entire front app (which rules out having a smaller VC2 for this purpose). Thus, I would be forced to use a large VC2 for the only reason of the bandwidth costs. (to be honest, I am not in immediate need for either a Load Balancer or pooled bandwidth, but i am just looking forward to the needs of my organization in the future, etc).
  • Hi Adam, I definitely understand your point. If your account is experiencing rapid instance and traffic growth but your traffic profile is very unbalanced between your instances, our account managers would be glad to review your account to see if they can find a custom solution that works for you and ensure you can grow with us. Just open a ticket and mention this post.
  • @mike thanks. We should be good for a while, but it we encounter growth that leads to unbalanced bandwidth, I will reference this post in a ticket.
  • I'd like to +1 this suggestion as well. Keeping up with our large ocean-based competitor is good for business. I don't have a purpose for such a service currently, but it's one that offers benefit to many.
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    +1 (edit: load balancing should integrate with Letsencrypt)
  • I'd like to +1 this feature too. Also, an integration into the API would also be a huge positive, to which I'd use frequently. I wouldn't mind paying $20 a month for it either (like our ocean based competitor).
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    I'd like to +1 this feature as well. It is a must for me in the future.
  • It would be great to have multiple options: High Availability, Canary Releases, Scalability, etc.
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