Google Cloud Platform just announced they are the first to offer Skylake:

Will Vultr be second? Your FAQ on your website states "all of our host machines use the latest-gen Intel CPU architecture".

Will Skylake be coming soon, or is Vultr already running on Skylake?

If Skylake is not coming soon, please update the FAQ. What processor do you guys use right now?


  • I don't think Vultr has specific cpus. They're currently masked inside vm's as something like: "Virtual CPU somestring"

    I believe they basically use what cpu's are most performant while still being cost and "density" effective. So I'm guessing number of cores and max memory supported are probably the most important features considered when purchasing new cpus.

    Vultr has already moved away from 3.4ghz cpus to 2.4ghz cpus last year. Presumably because the 2.4ghz cpus support more cores/memory and because Vultr was really growing fast and I guess inventory became an issue [citation needed]. You can see lots of discussions here and on other places regarding that move that obviously wasn't really welcomed by most people, but in the end it's an understandable decision.

    Imo, Vultr's target audience aren't really people that require a specific CPU as that's usually for more targeted workloads that will directly benefit from new instructions available on new cpu's such as scientific processing.

    That being said, it's possible that new and future servers can very well have Skylakes but only because it will probably be the main intel cpu family for the next few years.
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    From my latest benchmarks for Vultr 768MB VPS in Los Angeles looks like their 2.4Ghz is Broadwell based

    During PHP-FPM compile, Vultr sees march=Broadwell so could Vultr for this VPS be using Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 based processors ? i.e. Xeon E5-2640v4 @ 2.4Ghz
  • And Vultr announced Skylake VPS, but....only for new VPS, it will be preferentially placed on Skylake CPUs. Hummm I think that this novelty could also be inserted for the current VPS, since we have been supporting the company for some time.
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