Email Spam in Help

Hello there.
My English is bad.

The server also has EasyEngine installed.



Everything looks fine.

Domain DNS records below.

All the mail I send is Spam in Gmail and Outlook. I have logged in to Outlook and Google Postmaster.
But I could not find a solution.
Where am I making mistakes?


  • There are many reasons why email can be marked as spam, including some of the following:

    - Wrongly configured SPF or DKIM records.
    - Being listed on a spam blacklist
    - New ip without any sender reputation or bad sender score

    You should be able to get some more detailed information about why it got marked as spam by viewing the source of the email including headers, etc. (on gmail this is the "show original" option)

    If you don't have a lot of experience setting up and running an e-mail server I would recommend that you send through a reputable 3rd party provider. This can be a specific transactional e-mail service (mandrill, mailgun, etc) or maybe even just use smtp servers from a free email provider (gmail, hotmail, etc)

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