Include the sandbox plan in API


When will the new $2.5 sandbox plan be added to the API?


  • The sandbox plan is intended for general platform testing and has a hard limit of 2 instances per account. As a result, this plan is currently available via the customer portal only.
  • This is truly an underhanded move because nowhere it says that we can create only two and no API support upfront and no possibility of increase, this makes it USELESS for any real kind of serious testing and only serves as a deplorable marketing tactic to get people to create accounts and pay Vultr while not being able to do what they want with these small instances, this undermines the trust customers have and hurts your company in the long run, trust me, we were thinking to move our operations to Vultr and after this happened we have reconsidered and only Vultr the company is the ultimate loser in all of this. You lose serious customers by being cheap and underhanded.
  • @busyengine I do agree that the 2 instance limit should visible on the pricing page. But it is clear that they are "sandbox" instances for testing. I doubt enterprise level testing would be done on such a a small VPS, so I got the impression that they are more for development tests: testing out a new webserver, balancer, OS, etc.

    But maybe I am wrong, maybe some customers were thinking of building out an entire fleet of VPSs with 512MB.
  • We have multiple developers who each create and destroy multiple instances per day and run various tools and utilities as well as our main products on each instance, therefore limiting the ENTIRE ACCOUNT to two instances is severely limiting to a point of non practical operation for us and we are NOT an enterprise by any stretch of imagination. I hope you can understand that it is unreasonable not to at least increase the limit for legitimate uses.
  • Hey there, here's some passiveness to go with that aggressiveness.

    Why not use the $5 plan for those uses ?
    What were you using before the $2,50 plan ?
    Why can't your developers use local vm's and spend $0 ?
    Why not use some other provider that has $2 vm's ?
    Why not get a dedicated server for cheap and deploy dozens of vm's for your developers at your leisure?

    Also, I disagree that the fact that the plan isn't available on the API makes it "USELESS" as you've stated since I doubt that new users trying out the service will immediately use the API to deploy their servers and just deploy them on the site/cp.

    As for this: "You lose serious customers by being cheap and underhanded."
    I can only say that I loved the irony of saying that Vultr will lose customers by being cheap, when you just complained because they don't let you deploy the cheapest vm en masse.

    So, please be reasonable, and understand that allowing people to deploy $2.50 vm's through the api would be a recipe for support and infrastructure disaster because, as you have exemplified, customers that absolutely must have the cheapest thing the way that they want and when they want it usually make for very poor customers.

    Good luck.

  • I agree with just about everything that @quake said. We clients loose nothing here. The $5 plans have been beefed up, so customers can only be happy with this change. And I am happy wit the new sandbox plan, as it will give me an even cheaper way to play with new ideas. I imagine Vultr makes very little money off the sandbox plans, and it is not worth them supporting an API with the cost of support.

    That being said, I think it would benefit future customers to let them know there is a 2 instance limit for the sandboxes. But not really a big deal any which way.
  • I'm really disappointed by the 2x $2.50 limit. I was looking forward to moving my small vps's to vultr and getting off of the openvz providers.

    If they're concerned about attracting customers who create only $2.50 vps's, maybe what they should do is set the $2.50 vps limit according to the other vps's hosted there, eg every $5 of non-"sandbox" allows an additional $2.50 vps. So if I have a, say, $10 "production" vps, I can create two $2.50 "sandbox" vps's for it.

    That would also create enticement to move large vps's over to vultr from other providers. More small vps's for the customers, more large vps's for Vultr, win/win.
  • Not good.. the $2.50 plan is just limited to 2 instances.
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