Snapshot Location, Restore Speed in Pre Sales Questions

I would like to know where (location) snapshots are stored. I am not picky about where my instances are created, however my use case involves creating several instances from snapshots to deal with load.

I want to minimize the time it takes to restore a new instance from a snapshot and figure that if I select a location that is close to where the snapshot is stored, it will be set up significantly faster.

Could you please comment on my assumption?


  • Hello @harishbajaj ,

    Snapshot restoration time will vary based on a couple of different factors. This includes the size of the snapshot and the location of your snapshot. If you are deploying a snapshot to a _different_ location from where it was created, there is the overhead of transferring that data between locations. This additional transfer time will only occur once per snapshot/location.

    A good point of advice if you plan on using snapshots in multiple locations is to "pre-deploy" your snapshot in any location you plan on using it so you can ensure that the snapshot image has already been duplicated to that location for faster deployment at a later time. Thank you.
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