Give a domain name to my IP?

So I have this website that I want to make public to the internet but right now it only has an IP. How do I change it so people can type in a regular domain name people can see my website


  • Alright so I read up on and that helped me a lot and now I know that I can do it. The problem is that I still don't know how to point my dns to my vps. Thank you :smile: !
  • Hi,

    To point your dns to your vps... the following general steps are necessary:

    [1] Domain registrar must be configured to point your domain to your DNS server. For example, if you use go daddy, set the domain name use an exteranl DNS server. You can use Vultr for such a server. If you go into Vultr panel, go to the DNS tab and look for the Vultr Name Servers, liekly something like:

    [2] Add you VPS's main ip as an entry in the DNS. For example, in Vultr click on the Add Domain, and add your domain name and the ip address of your VPS.

    [3] That is about it! The individual steps will differ depending on your domain name registrar and whichever DNS server you use. I use godaddy to buy domain names, CloudFront for DNS , and Vultr for VPS.
  • Hi adamMc, I'm also forwarding a domain purchased from godaddy to my vps' ip address. I've setup correctly in vultr dns panel and godaddy external dns config panel. However I'm still unable to access the website using the domain name, and I'm getting ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED refused to connect error. (using ip directly is fine). Do you have any suggestion anywhere may go wrong, and how to debug the issue? (I have used to check my domain name, it correctly shows the ip address, so this is really weird to me...)
  • It sounds like the old entry is still cached in whatever DNS server you are using.. If you looked up the address prior to changing it, then this is most likely.

    Still, without providing domain name and IP address, you will have to rely on our guesswork!
  • Thank You guys!!! changind godaddy to use external dns worked for me!
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