Please add Windows Server 2016 to OS choices

When will Vulr add Windows Server 2016 to their list of operating systems to choose from so that we can resell it via WHMCS? We can't use our own Windows Server 2016 ISO via the WHMCS module so we need Vultr to add it to the list of official operating systems to choose from..


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    +1 Adski, Which Virtio version are using? I believe that VIRTIO version is the problem since I am using server 2016..
  • @Collagen - haven't had the chance to try our 2016 on Vultr yet.. Are you having issues with the drivers or something else?
  • Hi! Server 2016 once is installed and set up works great. However the big problem I am having is to be able to use the windows backup feature which does not work at all. To be honest, I have a dedi with 2 cores and since we do not have the snapshot feature available on dedi I was trying to upgrade to the 4 cores using the bare metal recovery on the other server. I am having really a bad time on that with blue screens of any sort. I wish someone could help on that. :-(
  • How are you uploading & then restoring the backup? Are you loading the Virtio drivers before you restore the backup?
  • Also what the blue screen error?
  • I am using smash for uploading. The 4 cores server also has 2 disk available so I was trying to use the second disk to perform the bare metal recovery from the other server. But unfortunately It does not work. Even when I launch the win safe mode I get the crash with the following msg: System thread Exception. Unless the guys at Vultr has some good idea how to migrate to the bigger server it seems I would need to do all the settings once again..
  • I've noticed similar issues with Windows Server 2016 blue screening relating to recovery. I'm not sure if you can use this method with windows backup, but you can access the "System Image recovery" and "Command prompt" features.

    1. Power off instance.
    2. Insert Windows Server 2016 ISO (must slipstream with virtio drivers).
    3. Wait for Windows Setup to boot.
    4. Click "OK", then click "Repair your computer".
  • I have been able to clone using Acronis software. All recovery options was out due to blue screen crash. Regarding the repair method I tried but I was unable to access my backup folder. (public share on the other dedi server) BTW Microsoft has to work on the windows backup feature because It is full of issues. All what I have been able to accomplish was a state recovery that turn out to be a nightmare.
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