Split resources

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Would be nice to buy an amount of resources and then split them as you desire. 3 x 512MB instances could be 1 x 1014MB, 2 x 256MB, splitting the disk and IPs as you wish as well.


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    I think their current setup is based on the server hardware, more RAM = bigger server required for your VM. Doing it this way may mean constant moving of servers just for splitting a resource. It would just put more unneeded load on the servers, especially if people are splitting a lot.

    Personally I find it better to just buy a resource such as an extra gig of ram or core for each server and move to a bigger server as needed.

    I could be wrong though.
  • I'm afraid, really strange suggestion.
  • That's basically just slicing bare metal resources and then using our software layer on top to let you run instances as you please with your share of bare metal resources. I just don't see why we would want to do that at this point in time.

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