The more you pay the less you get?

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Hi Folks,

Sorry for the Category, I did not know which one to put this in.

I am wondering why the price structure is the way it is, the more you pay the less you get, that is not really an attractive business model?

Love the service but for example:

$35 gets you:
4GB Ram
65 GB Disk
400 GB BW

$70 gets you:
8 GB Ram (great that doubled with twice the price)
120 GB Disk (Lost around 10% disk space yet paid twice the price)
500 GB Bandwidth (only got 25% more BW at twice the price)

And this pretty much scales with all packages the more you pay the less you get for your money.

I understand these plans may have just been put together initially and it is early days for vultr but this does not make sense.

Not trying to have a dig at anyone but it would be good to have a conversation about it?


  • it's because they use E3-1230v3 based servers with limited number of cpu threads and memory available. 4 cpu cores + 4 cpu threads = 8 cpu threads max and 4x8GB = 32GB max memory supported on E3-1230v3.

    so essentially you're paying for the memory and cpu allocation AFAIK
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    I don't get why they would utilize E3-1230v3 CPUs for long term unless they have a massive amount of unused space and power, as the cost of e3 systems in time will be more than upfton cost of 10/20thread core xeons for the long haul. Power savings alone will make up the excess up front cost. Anyway not my business decision to make but it is limiting the max ram and cores for sure.
  • While I appreciate that @eva2000 it really has nothing to do with my point, fine you get less for the same amount of money in another location, I accept that as things cost different prices in different countries however I am talking about the decreasing gains the more you pay.

    You get double the ram, you get double the cores but a LOT less disk and BW, makes no sense.
  • i guess if you compare it with linode's bandwidth offerings as they scale VPS plans/pricing I can see what you mean about Vultr's bandwidth offerings
  • Perhaps they don't have the capacity, yet, to have large setups so they have setup a pricing structure that discourages larger clients with bigger requirements.
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