Unable to register in Help

I want to register and verify my account, but can't seem to add any type of payment method.
I chose to add $5 and tried my Debit card, a virtual visa card (still a student, don't have a credit card).
Then i tried paypal, it says payment method declined.
Can anyone please help out?


  • I'd imagine the virtual visa card would be prepaid and wouldn't work the debit card should work but who knows where you are from...

    Anyway any Vultr Staff would say that the forum is not the place too talk about billing issues - so submit a ticket and if for some reason you can't submit a ticket then use https://www.vultr.com/contact/
  • It looks like you were able to sort this out. We do accept deposits from prepaid cards as long as it's on one issued under one of the major networks (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover).
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