[SOLVED] DNS Resolution not working in Help

edited April 2017 in Help
Hi, I set up a VPS on Vultr, and added the DNS domain. Then I changed my registrar settings to point to ns1.vultr.com, ns2.vultr.com.
The dns seems to be working, because when I check my domain with a dns lookup service, the VPS ip address is returned. But still, I cannot access the VPS through the domain name (accessing it directly from the ip address works correctly).
Any idea?


  • Maybe DNS changes still haven't propagated across the entire web or your computer is still using a previously cached value?
  • Yes you're right, that was the issue. I'll mark this as solved.
  • I have similar issue .. it is now 3 days and it didn't seem to be propagating .. Is that normal
  • No. It should be done by now. You need to give more details if you want help!
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