Issues Letsencrypt SSL on every WPMU Subdomains

Hi, I'm Pram.

I'm Game Developer and have running a WordPress Multisite (subdomain). I installed my web using EasyEngine but since Letsencrypt doesn't support Wildcards SSL, there is no EasyEngine command for auto installing certificates on root domain and sub domain.

I'm about to issue letsencrypt ssl on every sub domain, how do I do it?

this is screenshot of my DNS on my Vultr:


  • Letsencrypt doesn't really have anything to do with Vultr or with your DNS server setup. SSL certificates have to be setup directly on your vm/webserver.

    And that will depend on your webserver, your operating system, specific configuration, etc.

    Please see for documentation on how to get started with letsencrypt and follow the appropriate instructions.

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