Non custom virtual cpu name?

edited June 2014 in Features and Ideas
Can we get the cpu just name Qemu/Intel CPU or something other than VULTR Virtual CPU?


  • There have been a number of threads regarding this (namely for whitelabeling purposes), the fact there has been no official staff response leads me to believe that this is easier said than done. I believe that when there is a lot of noise regarding a topic, devicenull is usually very fast to try and cater to the problem.
    I have absolute respect in his ability to get community-based requests fulfilled, but his silence regarding the topic leads me to the conclusion that there are currently either more pressing matters on his plate, or that it's not currently possible due to some arbitrary requirement on his end.

    Having said that, the man is a true champion.
  • It seems to me it would be easier to use the default QEMU cpu name than to do in and edit the source and recompile it each time but what do I know?
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