More (and updated) One Click Installs


I would like to suggest having even more one-click app installs and/or creating a large knowledge base such as what DO offers. Along the same lines, I would like to suggest bumping up the OS version (CentOS 6 is very very old) powering those one-clicks. I don't use these personally, but a lot of my friends that I refer would. A good example of a powerful one-click would be Ghost. For other examples I'd suggest trying to match what others are offering for one-clicks.


- Phil


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    I'd like to see a one-click app actually work. Whenever I try to use one on the vultr site it just takes me to the log-in screen, whether I'm logged in already or not. If I go through the log in process again it dumps me in to my server manager screen. There is no one-click anything happening for me.
  • @SuzJustSuz a one click app is a pre-configured VPS. When you launch a one click app on Vultr, it deploys like a normal VPS, but includes information about the app itself. When the app finishes booting, you can access it with the info in the Vultr control panel. For example, the WordPress app has a link to log in and setup your WordPress instance.
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