Plans sold out? in Pre Sales Questions

When I was ready to buy I found that the option I wanted was "temporarily sold out". How long does temporarily usually mean?


  • who knows - technically it wouldn't be sold out but vultr has "disabled" the $2.50 plan for awhile now...
  • It has been "Temporarily Sold Out" for a while, I suspect they are doing this on purpose so not many people could use it?.. For instance you may be restricted from using the service if you have credits well above 25 or 50 or who knows how much.. I am hoping that they will put this back up soon.
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    When can 2.5$ plan be expected ? I want to use it for another mini site :smile:

    Another question; if i reinstall server which is 2.5$ currently will I get same 2.5$ sized configuration or I will have only 5$ option?
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    I've registred to vultr to get 2.5 instance
    and now i cannot order it
    Is it kind of fraud? Is it possible for me to get a refund ?
    Why didn't they remove it from ads page ?
  • I asked them when can I select the $2.50 plan.
    The reply is "At this time we do not have an estimated return date for the sandbox plan. Thank you for your patience with this matter. "
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    I'm in the same boat. I don't remember if I saw it being available for a short time yesterday but it's gone again now. Has anyone been able to use it? I've never used vps before and i was going to use it to try out a service for fun.

    If there is no plans for this to come back, I would want a refund. Since the price point was why I signed up and added money to the account.
  • As of may 28, they're back now.
  • They've not been available in the UK for months. I need a sandbox server in my Country, where I host all my instances. I've usually had nothing but praise for Vultr, however this sandbox plan has made me less likely to recommend them lately. I don't want people blaming me because they got duped out of a sandbox plan and now have to pay for a full priced plan instead. Overall, they are still the best on the market imho, but this latest deal has put a dent in things!
  • I agree that having these marked as "Temporarily" sold out for so long doesn't look very good.

    However, they are currently available in New Jersey and Miami. (Not directed to HaywardGB, who want instances in [I assume] the UK!)
  • Europe $2.50 Plan are Sold out since May...
  • I think the original intent of the $2.5 plan was for "testing", not for hosting real sites. If you want a $2.5 plan, if I were you I would open a support ticket and briefly explain your use case. In my dashboard there are 2.5 plan in Miami.
  • FWIW there were $2.50 plans available I believe in Silicon Valley last week, now they're gone [?] (some data centers have them still, the popular ones don't)...seem pretty popular...
  • Note: you just have to choose a region. The $2.5 instance is usually available in or or more regions, but not in all of them.
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    For Vultr Cloud Compute instances $5 and beyond, it usually means a matter of days.
    For $2.5 it could be a very long wait.

    For sold out storage instances, see this post.
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    As of June 12th 2018, $2.5 plan in Miami is gone from the control panel. I had a Miami $2.5 server for about 4 months and deleted it for a Singapore server since my ping was over 200 milliseconds from Sri Lanka. Now I can't get back a $2.5 server from anywhere.

    I'm literally trapped in Vultr with my pre-deposited 10 dollars in the account because if I fire up a 5 dollar server, I won't be able to run the server for a longer duration like the 2.5 dollar plan. What a clever business trick, but sad for customers like us who don't grow money on trees.

    I like Vultr because they don't seem to oversell their limited hardware resources, that's how they keep all their servers performing in high standards. But I hope this won't be the end of $2.5 plan.

    EDIT: As of June 13th 2018, I have manged to deploy a $2.5 server in New Jersey.

    Thank you!
  • 20 June 2018, all region $2.50 plan all sold out.. haizz.. new user here
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