Block Storage timeframe and availability

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I currently am in your Sydney datacenter and was wondering when / if the Block Storage feature will be available in Sydney as it would be very useful.


  • Unfortunately Vultr have been very tight lipped about other locations actually getting block storage...

    We can only hope that Sydney among other locations get block storage in the future - it's one of the frustrating things about Vultr is that they don't build out features to be supported by the whole platform.
  • I'm a new customer, just signed up last night. I didn't realize that block storage was only available in the NJ datacenter. When I was checking out the pricing for block storage I didn't notice that it was not offered everywhere, which I was really hoping to use.

    I do realize that is in beta, and I am happy they are taking their time making sure the solution is solid before it is released everywhere. I am sure the last thing we would want is to find out data that we were expecting to be on the Block Storage is corrupted or gone. Regardless, I am hoping that it will be offered in the Dallas datacenter (in beta or full release). Heck I'd be willing to use it (for non-critical storage) even if it were offered as a 'buyer beware' beta.

    I was hoping to spin up my first VM in Dallas, because it is close - but I'm considering choosing NJ, just so that I can get the block storage...

    Hopefully someone from Vultr will notice this thread and drop in and say that block storage will be coming to Dallas soon :)

    Anyway, after shopping around and looking at recent benchmark comparison, I am really impressed with Vultr and I am really looking forward to having a long term relationship with them.
  • I'm in Los Angeles and use L.A. servers. I'm trying out Block Storage right now for a Nextcloud instance. Time To First Byte as measured by is around 100ms – about the same as my LA servers.
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    @sdayman Of course, that is the time from the bytecheck server to your servers. shows bytecheck ( - a google-cloud service) is either in Ashburn, VA. or California(!)

    I suspect the DB that says LA is being lazy because Mountain view is where the google AS is registered to.

    Not trying to be intentionally different, my gut tells me it's actually in Berkeley County, SC!

    But the reason you are getting similar times are presumably because this server is the same distance from CA as it from NJ, network-wise.

  • @jamie, thanks for the iplocation tip. I used it to explore some Ramnode IP addresses that are supposed to be in Los Angeles (probably, but iplocation results are far from consistent).

    Anyhow, the point of my LA/NJ comparison is to give me a coast-to-coast average. If bytecheck is geographically dead center…fine. 100ms latency is respectable enough for me…especially for a Nextcloud instance.
  • @sdayman Hi there. Yeah, my main server is in NJ and I'm in the UK, and it's still my "goto" machine for ssh with a 88ms ping, despite my London instance averaging around 15ms.

    I just thought it best to post that the result from that site is based on the result from "bytecheck -> tested IP" not "home-machine -> tested IP" so anyone else reading this thread would be aware.

  • Hi there, is there any update on timeframe of block storage coming to other datacenters?
  • Just thought I'd check back in, 5 months later, to see if there are any plans for Sydney block storage?
  • And another nearly five months after crispy asked, is there any update yet? Have to say, the lack of comment from vultr staff isn't impressive. Other vendors in this space tend to have very active staff contribution on forums, or at least openness about timelines for features coming to new areas.

    The only thing stopping me going straight off to linode is their lack of a Sydney presence, but 17 months of total silence on block storage being available outside NJ suggests it's not ever going to be rolled out anywhere else.
  • It's nearly the end of 2018 and block storage has been in beta since 2016. Me too have been tricked by the false claims on the Vultr website (the only available in NJ wordings are pale) and since I am using the Singapore region, I can't migrate to NJ obviously. I have opened support ticket, and staff only advised me to move to NJ, or upgrade my entire plan. I am too disappointed since I have been a customer at Vultr for a year and they are not improving in any way.
  • I too would love to see block storage in other locations, ideally in at least one European datacentre.
  • Well it's August 2019 and still no sign of Block Storage in Sydney. Does anyone know if this is ever going to happen?

  • Just thought I'd jump in here and say it's November 2020 and still no block storage in other locations. I think it's safe to say it's not at all a priority for them. :-(

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the request! We can't announce anything today, please watch the news page for company announcements.

    --- David

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