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Just reconfirming something:

Is the usable Private IP range ?

I'd like to have pfSense handle DHCP for all of my VPSs -- and have it hand out an DHCP address in the subnet. Is this possible?

Would pfSense be assigned as the gateway, or is that reserved by Vultr for something?

Is it possible to have it assign anything out of the /24?



  • You can use whatever IP ranges you want on the private network.
  • Thanks -- is there a reason the docs specify only as usable?
  • Bump?
  • Where exactly do you see that? We provide example IPs, otherwise we'd get a number of questions asking what IPs should be used on the private network.
  • I'm going off a response to a ticket I opened,
    Ticket # WUW-34APS

    "Thank you for your inquiry. The usable private network space is indeed a /24, specifically"

    Also, in the knowledge base article, all the IPs used are

    So, just to confirm, the is just an example? I can use ANY valid private range (RFC 1918) ?
  • @devicenull -- In addition to the above, it also says in a few help posts on this forum.
  • Can anyone chime in on this? We have a project on hold until this matter can be clarified....
  • edited May 2017
    I can't say with 100% personal certainty, but if these private lans are basically virtually hard-wired layer 2, you can use whatever you like.

    More importantly, whatever devicenull says, will be accurate.. Someone else may have got their wires crossed in the past, but devicenull is the one who knows.

    Still, if it was that critical you could test it yourself for about 5 cents and 10 minutes of your time!
  • Oh, I just noticed @devicenull has lost his [Vultr] moniker
  • @exo01 Yes I can confirm you are not restricted to just - these are only example IPs.

    @jamie welcome back! also, he's still [Vultr]
  • Thanks, @mike !

    Just a suggestion -- it would be awesome if you guys updated your docs to reflect that is only an example range, and any 1918 subnet is usable.

    Thanks again!

  • Thanks @mike ! Nice to be back. Hopefully for much longer this time, but you know what it's like when there are evil villians to deal with. I don't know... They build a base in some dormant volcano, and then they think they're gods!

    Anyway, am I going mad ? (don't answer that), but I could have sworn you and devnull and the other staff had "[Vultr]" tagged after your username on forum postings...
  • @exo01 Not just any 1918.

    I just fired up a test and, as expected, all layer 2 is passed through (it would be needed for arp unless you did static arp configs)

    In other words, it's just as if the machines private interfaces are plugged directly together - you can throw IP, ARP, STP (802.1d), and any other valid ethernet protocol down there and it will get through in the same way it would on a real physical network.

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