Provide and support Terraform driver

It would be great to have full API support in Terraform and keep it maintained by Vultr team as new features are being added to the platform.

There is an abandoned implementation available that worked for a while but not anymore with the latest updates of the tool:

Here is a ticket for including Vultr driver into main Terraform distribution:

This should allow to manage infrastructure setup with Vultr much easier.



  • Would love to see this implemented too.
  • This repo is the one I'm using, and is updated pretty frequently too.
  • thanks for this @ninja_ . Looks good. @ Vultr. Would seriously recommend to put in a offical terraform provider. We are reconstructing our tooling+cloud infra to terraform and was considering vultr.. now looking at others that are officially supported by terraform...such as AWS lightsail or scaleway. its a pity as personally I recommended vultr to our team as I really like the interface and stability. been on yours for years.
  • Agreed, official support for a terraform driver is a necessity
  • +1 for official Terraform support. The community provider is good, but having something officially supported and better documented will enable more companies to seriously consider using Vultr for their cloud needs.
  • Hello there,

    We have just official open sourced a few projects over at
    Those projects include

    - Go Client for the Vultr API
    - CLI Tool
    - Terraform Provider
    - WHMCS module

    Please check it out and let us know what you think!
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