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I have a VPS with an IP address assigned by vultr. I would like to purchase a domain name and make it point to this IP. However I understand that by default VPSs are configured with DHCP. How can I be sure that this IP will remain with my VPS? With DHCP isn't possible that after a reboot for instance, my VPS is assigned a different IP? Hence my domain would point to an incorrect IP.



  • The IP is permanent on Vultr. The IP you have now will not change until you destroy your server.
  • great, thanks!
  • Just to expand a bit on DHCP:

    As Mike says, an IP is permanently allocated when you create the server, until you destroy it. This IP address is visible in your control panel.

    DHCP is a method for a host to retrieve it's network configration from a remote server. As you as aware, this often means a dynamic IP address is allocated from an available pool, but DHCP doesn't need to work this way. "Dynamic" is this context means "not hard-coded directly in my configuration" NOT "no way to tell what the server will give you, but it will probably be different than last-time"

    Indeed, Vultr use DHCP to minimise the amount of configuration changes you need to make to your server to get it running, as your instance will pull in its network setup automatically. But the information in this case is not dynamic in the sense you're thinking. It's dynamic in that it's not hard-coded on your system, but it's effectively static because Vultr will always give you the same details.

    It's also handy if you regularly launch instances from a cloned snapshot - even if you restore the snapshot at a different location, the network will still work witout manual intervention.

    Of course, if you are a more old-school grumpy old git like me, you can ignore the DHCP server and configure your instance in the traditional static way, like nature intended!!

    Vultr already won't allow a host to send data out via an IP it hasn't been allocated, so if you set the wrong IP, the only damage will be that your machine won't be acessable by anything other than the console!

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