Add existing users to an account (aka. Teams)

I already have an account on Vultr, but as a freelancer, I'd need to be able to manage my client's instances in their account. This is properly implemented on DigitalOcean via "teams", where you can add existing DO users to an account.


  • Our current recommendation here is to make use of aliases when creating subusers. To do this, you would add a "+ALIAS" before the, for example: MYEMAIL+ALIAS@DOMAIN.COM. Our system would treat e-mails in this format as unique e-mails but the same e-mail account on your end would receive all communication.

    For example, you can add a new subuser on client1's account like this: This also helps you organize your e-mail, as you would know all e-mail received on that alias would be for that specific client.
  • It'll do for now. Thank you for your answer.
  • I understand with +ALIAS I can be added as a user to another's account. However I have two questions....
    1) Is there a mechanism to expand this to be added as a user to multiple accounts (i.e. a second account can't use +ALIAS because it already exists). Is there a concept like +ALIAS1 +ALIAS2?
    2) Is there a way to have those servers that I've been granted access to, to be accessible from my main account's server list.. so I don't have to log into multiple accounts to manage multiple client's servers?
  • The alias thing is a feature of whatever email server you're using. We cannot tell you if your provider supports it or not.

    There are no plans to allow you to see multiple accounts worth of servers from a single login.
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