Do u like Launch Vultr to Guangzhou(Canton)

Hello, I'm Yvonne who a local Cantonese girl that living at Guangzhou(・`ω´・)
But in here, the local Cloud computing providers e.g:Tencent CVE, UCloud or eflycloud have a little expensive or little inferior quality such as critical overselling or poor performance, terrible unstability
Maybe someone said Hong Kong is near Guangzhou so perhaps there're momentary connection and low latency but the Gateway between Guangzhou and Hong Kong is too crowded to interconnection so Hong Kong Cloud service have measly bandwidth or extremely expensive
Guangzhou is one of commerce center, internet center and fintech center in China there is a heavy demand for Cloud Service, so, do u like Launch Vultr to Guangzhou?


  • Launch datacenter in Guangzhou is much cheaper the Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul and Singapore cause there're enough bandwidth, budget plants and cheaper human resources
  • China will be the last place you'll want to host in, due to the highly complicated paperwork required to open port 80. Nor do I believe that vultr will be even able to sell servers there--just look at what happened to Azure and AWS. Finally, bandwidth in mainland China is one of the most expensive in the world, to the extent that 100M internet ports are usually advertised as 'high bandwidth'
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