Anycast with Floating IPs across regions

I think it would be a great addition if we were able to use BGP with floating IPs across regions for an Anycast solution without the need for us to bring our own IP space, which is fairly expensive especially if you only need a couple IPs instead of a full /24. We already can do some operations with BGP and floating IPs for failover ( so this would be a great addition.


  • +1 For this my company NEEDS this!
  • +1 I have no *need* but it would certainly be useful!
  • Would willingly pay for this feature
  • This would certainly be nifty. For simplicity maybe advertise each /24 (and corresponding IPv6) at all Vultr locations - if someone doesn't have a VPS at the location or has one marked as unhealthy, backhaul it over an internal network to the closest healthy location and charge 2x bandwidth.

    This would enable people to use it whether they have VPS's at 2 locations, 5 locations, or all locations. And users would be shielded from the complexity of BGP since we'd just have to mark a VPS as healthy or unhealthy and let Vultr take care of the rest!

    Oh when I said "simplicity" I meant on the user end. Obviously very complex to implement on Vultr's end. But here's hoping!
  • Another option would be a few fixed sites. Like a "international pool" the consists of Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney which would require a host in all 4 or a "US pool that consists of NY, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, LA, Seattle".
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