How to remove wp-admin Login Prompt

I find a topic tha talking how to remove wp-admin Login Prompt but I didn't understand the steps
Could some one help me to removing wp-admin Login Prompt ??


  • You'll need an SSH client. I use a Mac, so my Terminal application works for this. For Windows, I believe it's PuTTY.

    Once you're logged in, use the commands from the instructions:
    cp /etc/nginx/conf.d/*.conf /root/
    vi /etc/nginx/conf.d/*.conf (this should open up an editor for what I expect are the only two conf files on your server. I use vi because that's what I've been using for forever)
    Use the 'j' key to go down line by line until you get to the wp-admin block.
    Use 'dd' to delete each line in that block.
    Use ':w' to save the file.
    Use ':n' to go to the next file.
    Use ':q' to quit.
    Then: 'service nginx restart && service php-fpm restart'

    * Don't type in the single quote marks for the commands.
    ** I don't 100% guarantee this to work, but this is how I'd do it. If you backed up the files as instructed in the first step, you can always recover.
  • Hello @sdayman i follow your instructions but when type 'service nginx restart && service php-fpm restart' i have an error "nginx : [emerg]" "location" directive is not allowed here in ...
    please can you help me
  • It sounds like you've either removed or left in a section header or footer that you shouldn't have, but unless you post your config, we can only guess!
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