Vultr no longer auto-debiting from PayPal account

For the last year or so Vultr would withdraw from my PayPal account whenever my funding got too low, but Vultr appears to have deleted my PayPal setup and is emailing me "autopay failed" warnings. I also can't see how to set the PayPal link back up, has something changed with Vultr's allowed payments?


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    I reviewed your account and can confirm you have an active billing agreement with us so you do not have to do anything to reactivate it. However, we received denial responses from PayPal on the earlier transaction attempts.

    PayPal's general recommendation is to contact their customer service team to see why the recent transactions were denied. The PayPal Customer Service team is specially trained to address all account inquiries. I have included a link below to contact our Customer Service Team:

    If you are still having problems in the future, please open a support ticket and our team can review your account in additional detail.
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