I think using the 「bandwidth」 to describe is not accurate

In the pricing page, each VC2 type has a bandwidth attribute.

From a professional point of view, if u told me i have amount of 500GB bandwidth to use, i would think that i can get about 50GB/s rate for download or upload.

I learned through the FAQ that the actual situation is not the case. https://www.vultr.com/faq/#bandwidthcalculation
In fact, bandwidth and traffic are different concepts.

what do you guys think about ?


  • You're confusing the amount of bandwidth allowed with each instance with the instance's transfer speed. These two things are not really related.

    The way we list bandwidth on the plans page is industry standard, so there really isn't anything strange about how this is done.
  • I'm with Team Eric on this one, although when I saw it, it was pretty clear what was meant!
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