I want to disable the 2FA without the authenticator in Help

this ticket is post to help my friend's account,not the account of mine.he has unistall the google authenticator by mistake and can't login in now.
he has find your support 3times by e-mail,but the e-mail respond is too useless——they only tell him to update a ticket and said they are waiting his reply——it sounds like the unsolved problem is his fault.but he can't login in at all,and I am also very curious about how to update the ticket if I can't login in the accout??
Is there anyway to contact the Account Management team directly?YOUR SUPPORT IS MEANINGLESS


  • The last e-mail he send to ask how to update the ticket was three days ago and your support team has not replied him untill now.the same subject e-mail he has send 3 times ,but NO any useful reply from your support .they can only said "We are awaiting for your reply on this ticket:" just like a noisy repetition machine
  • Do you have a ticket number?
  • yes,but when visit the ticket link,it will jump to the login in page ,and then ...you know...
  • Please PM me the ticket number so I can look at it. Or, you can ask your friend to create a ticket here: https://www.vultr.com/contact/ if he has not already.
  • @mike the 3 e-mail all was ceareted in this way.i have pm u the ticket number.
  • Okay, Thank you! It appears he has not replied with requested verification email. I have sent you details via PM.
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