i am so unhappy with the vultr service

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every day after 12:00, my vultr server became slowly when accessing from china.
i checked the log in the server and found that the cpu(1 core) and memory(2G) is low utilization ratio, so I do think the network caused the problem, I need u gays give me an explain why the network is not stable.

the site is : http://www.---.net/ which is full of Chinese Poetry
, my e m ai l is ----#qq.com


  • btw I advice u add link https://discuss.vultr.com/ to index page to help u to understand your customer more.
  • Btw, my server location is Singapore
  • Any people to help me to solve this problem?
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    Hello, I'm sorry to hear you are having connectivity issues!

    Please open a support ticket at https://my.vultr.com/support/#tickets so our engineers can take a closer look at your account details, your IP, and your server IP.

    They will likely need an MTR to your server IP from your PC - you can use a tool such as WinMTR - http://sourceforge.net/projects/winmtr/files/Latest/

    I've edited your original post to remove your private information from this public forum.
  • I notice that about the forum link. It's very non-existent (grammar be damned!) on the main site.

    I did find it once... Tucked up in the footnote of a later paragraph in the faq I believe.. It was like finding Waldo!
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