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I am going to add a domain name to my CentOS Server.
My problem is can I use/create custom name servers instead of &

I want to use &


  • Yes.

    I assume you mean one of 2 scenarios:

    1) You still want to use the vultr nameservers, but reference them under your domain. Yes, you can do that, but if you setup 'A' records, you'll be responsible for changing them if vultr change theirs (and they'd be under no obligation to warn people about this)

    2) You want to set up your own nameservers. This is what I do. Simply configure everything in the normal way. The vultr nameservers are an added free service, but you don't have to use them.
  • Yes Jamie. I want to use vultr nameservers.
    But if someone search my domain on whois database, it should show my nameservers (
    Should I go with your option 01?
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    @ShalomD Sorry for the delay replying.

    Yes, that will work. The name service lookup protocol doesn't know or care what name is used to reach it, so you can call the vultr nameservers what you like, and when they are contacted, they won't know any different.

    You do have to be careful though, so please understand the caveats.

    So, to start, the nameservers used for the vultr nameserver service are and

    The addresses of these are:
    jamie@catflap# host has address has IPv6 address 2001:19f0:ccd::1

    jamie@catflap# host has address has IPv6 address 2001:19f0:ccd::2
    So you need to create your domain in the vultr panel, e.g. my, and modify the dns NS records to use your chosen domain names, then add A and AAAA for your nameservers, matching the vultr addresses listed above.

    So, you should end up with this:

    (Click here for bigger)

    Then, with your registrar, register your domain using your own nameservers and all should be fine.

    Caveats: If vultr ever change the IP addresses of these nameservers, they are under no obligation to tell you - everyone who uses their nameservers will not be affected by changes they make. You will. So it will be up to you to make sure the IP addresses you use always match theirs. It's unlikely they will change, but it's possible...

    You may think "Instead of A/AAAA records, why don't I use a CNAME? Then any vultr changes will be handled automatically? Can I use a CNAME?"

    The short answer: NO!


    CNAME records can't be used for the destination of a NS or a MX record. If you want to know why, here:

    By the way, you may now be wondering... "In this setup, the information for my domain is held on 2 nameservers within my domain. How can anyone discover the Ip addresses for my nameservers, when the very details are held on the server who's ip address i'm requesting?"

    If you think that, well done, that is correct. To avoid that issue, the DNS uses what is termed "glue records" - google "dns glue records" if you want to know more, but basically it's a mechanism that means your domain will work with no further work needed to be done on your part. (the 'glue' is done automatically by the parent)
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    Dear all,

    I have detailed the whole process below. These steps will guide everyone step-by-step on how to define/set up custom/private nameservers in WHM and Namecheap or any other hosting:

    1.) I added the domain in: and mentioned the server IP assigned to me. The server IP address was found from here: WHM > Basic WebHost Manager® Setup > Basic Config > * The IPv4 address (only one address) to use to set up shared IPv4 virtual hosts - see here:

    2.) I changed the A records in, and gave's corresponding ns1 and ns2 IP addresses here:

    3.) I added custom nameservers in my NameCheap domain control panel > Advanced DNS > Personal DNS Server > Add Nameserver and mentioned my server's ( IP address here:

    4.) I added a DNS Zone by adding my server's IP and domain in question: '' which I wanted to use as private nameserver in my WHM > DNS Functions > Add a DNS Zone > Domain Selection > Add Zone:

    5.) At last I then added nameservers in: WHM > Basic WebHost Manager® Setup > Basic Config > Nameservers here:

    Note: There is no need to open and/or edit 'Configure Address Records': they are automatically configured when you 'Add Zone' and give IPv4 (Server IP) address and domain (in question) name. See here:

    Nameservers Propagation/Configuration Check: To see if nameservers are properly configured as per your given IP address or not, go here: and choose DNS Lookup from the dropdown. See here: and put your required nameserver e.g: or and it will pull you up the details for the corresponding IP address. See here:


    A records Propagation/Configuration Check: To verify the A records IP (that you put in your WHM against your nameservers are configured and propagated as per your given requirements or not. Go here: and put your required nameserver e.g: or and it will pull you up the details for the corresponding IP address like this:

    Note: If it does not show anything after 'IN A', it means the A records against your nameservers are either not propagated yet or not configured properly.

    This will not be the case if you follow the above mentioned steps properly.

    Should anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here: and/or Skype: najib.malik

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