Domain not resolving but IP is working

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server setup: ubuntu 16.04 with MySQL for WP

domain registered elsewhere.
pointed domain to and
whois on domain shows servers above.

added domain to Vultr DNS

added a record for www in Vultr DNS control panel for

using serverpilot and have added following domains to serverpilot for connected server
111.222.333.444 (ip of server instance as provided by Vultr)

if I go to http://(serverIP) the website comes up.

Newb. Ideas?


  • Nevermind. I'm an idiot. When I added the domain in my Vultr account, it automatically added some DNS records, including an IP for the A Records. However, this IP was incorrect because I had deleted the first instance I had created and created a second instance, which of course had a different IP address. I changed the IP address showing on the A Records with in DNS and boom! Everything working now. Cheers.
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    Hey i have the same issues like yours. But the difference is, I dont have any registered domain elsewhere. I just simply added the domain into my vultr DNS and the server code into my /etc/hosts file. My IPaddress is working however, if im going to use my domain name its not working. Does this means that im required to get 1 of registered domain in godaddy or whatever hosting?
  • You don't add anything to your hosts file.

    Yes, you need to register a domain. There are 2 steps. Register the name. Get a service that will *serve* that name.

    You are already using vultr for step 2 - but if your domain isn't registered, there's no way any host can know to contact the vultr dns to return the result!

    So, register a domain with someone, are cheep. then point the dns in their control panel to the vultr dns and you'll be good to go.
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