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As i understand the Vultr setup and documentation (if i have it correctly), if i have two servers in my account, although they can be assigned separate IPs/subnets at host level, they are still in the same broadcast domain? Is this correct?
If so, is there any way to create separate 'networks' between my own servers within my account?


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    No and Yes... or Yes and No. :-)

    Firstly, servers on the same account are independent. There is nothing to say they'll be in the same subnet, and anyway, the way the systems are set up, it wouldn't make any difference (try ARPing any of the other addresses on your subnet, and they'll all have the same ethernet as your "router")

    HOWEVER... (and this only works for hosts on the same account, in the SAME PHYSICAL LOCATION) you can add the 'create private network' option which will allow you to do just what you want.

    What's different from what you thought is that it's not as if the servers have any kind of link on the (main) network level, but the private network option exists.

    This is an entirely different network - each server will have two "network cards" the normal, internet one, and the private one which just connects to your other servers on your account via their private network card.

    Traffic on your private network is private, unmetered, and independent. you can set up on this private network any ip addresses, or even non-ip protocols that you want.

    Maybe it's easier to visualise... Now, of course, this is all done 'virtually', with a lot of vultr magic, string, and sticky tape, but lets imagine if the setup was with real physical servers:

    You have 3 servers sitting on a desk. Each one has an ethernet card connected to the internet. Despite these servers all belonging to you, there is no network relationship between these servers via those internet links. They are all effectively independent.

    Now in addition to that, each machine has an extra network card. These network cards are all connected to each other via a small hub. There are no other connections to this hub - no other servers, no routers - just your machines. So it's a private network just between your machines, that is totally independent of the "internet" network connections. You are not charged for traffic on this network, and the only things that can "snoop" this traffic are your machines themselves. And as a completely separate network, you can configure it as you like, and do anything on it that can be done on an ethernet network.

    This is basically what you get with the vultr private network option.

    If I'm not mistaken, this is basically exactly what you want, but a slightly different way of achieving it



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