someone pointing my ip to his domaine

Hi I am running my website in Linux VPS with dedicated IP few weeks ago I found someone else domain is pointing to my website
Ex :: === server my site content === also server my site content
If I update or modify its getting updated on other domain too..
please need help any settings to prevent this


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    That's a weird thing to be happening. Care to name the domains in question?

    Anyway, using IP-based hosting, there is nothing directly you can do to stop him announcing his IP address to be that of yours.

    However, fortunately for you, due to name-based virtual hosting, http/1.1 onwards get browsers to also transmit the name of the host being contacted.

    You can indeed filter this out in your nginx config, by specifying a default server entry (which can be used to send an abusive message!) using:

    server_name _;

    followed by another specific server entry that matches your domain, using:

    server_name etc.

    More information here, but read through it all, as some of the answers there are incorrect!
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