Control panel questions and making sure I'll be able to do everything I want

Hi all,

I'm thinking of deploying a new VC2.

I want to host one wordpress on a domain, then other wordpress instances or static websites on subdomains, and maybe install some apps in the future (probably Ruby), also accessible via subdomains. I am managing my emails on a different service.

My first question is: is all of this easily set up with Vultr's own control panel?

If not, second (set of) questions: what free CP would you recommend in order to admin this? (VestaCP, Webmin, Sentora, YunoHost...?) What kind or resources do they require?


  • @Acccent No.

    The vultr control panel is for managing the configuration of the host, not the programs you have on it.

    You can create subdomains if your dns points to vultr, but again, the actually configuration on the server is up to you.

    There is a pre-loaded installs you can use for wordpress, so that will get your running, but I don't know if wordpress *itself* allows management of subdomains though.

    So, sounds like you need some other sort of control panel.

    As for that, I have no idea. I use the command line for everything, as nature intended :-)
  • Thank you, that's what I thought re. Vultr's panel.

    I guess I'll have to have a look at the other ones myself :)
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