Will I get the same Second IP Address if I apply for the Second IP twice? in Help

I am really eager to know whether I will get the same IP address or not if I apply an Additional IP for the FIRST time and delete it, and then apply for the SECOND time.
Will these two Secondary IPs be same?
I need help badly.


  • Please forgive me for my poor English...
  • @ComradeStukov

    Your English is fine!

    No, you won't get the same IP (well, you could do, but it's not guaranteed).

    Once you release the IP it goes into the free pool of addresses that can be allocated to anyone.

    You can pay for reserved IP addresses that you can allocate/deallocate to servers, but really, if you are just talking the one server, the cheapest only way would be to permanently keep the second IP
  • @jamie

    Thanks so much for you kindly and timely help!
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