Snapshot Compression

Snapshots seem to take up the full size of the host machine's storage regardless of free space. If you could make it so that free space isn't counted towards the snapshot image size and compress the image so it takes up less space, I feel that would be more efficient for storage and would likely cost less for snapshot archival.


  • This isn't something that is currently possible. We support a wide range of operating systems, as well as allowing custom operating systems. All these operating systems use very different filesystems, which makes it very complicated to determine what space is or is not in use.
  • Approximately how much will these snapshots will cost per GB per month once they are no longer free?
  • I wouldn't mind knowing either.
  • Official pricing has not been finalized. We will announce pricing well in advance before billing starts on this feature.
  • Wait what? Snapshots won't be free? ...your competitors like Digital Ocean have free snapshots? :(
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    No, they don't. On digital ocean it's 2 cents per GB per month, which is more than fair pricing. I have an account there too.
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    Differently from Vultr implementation, Digital Ocean's snapshots cannot be used in another regions. Sure there is an option to copy a snapshot but now it is not fast and the option is not available in all regions -- e.g. you can't copy Singapore snapshots to another region. In contrast it was a pleasure to me to use a snapshot taken from a Vultr VPS located in Tokyo to deploy and put in production almost immediately a VPS in Frankfurt. It is a huge advantage over DO (and AWS) and IMO it should be considered when talking about snapshot price.
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