Vultr Node Resize(CPU/RAM) is not supported

I'm surprised to know that Vultr is not offering node resize(RAM/CPU) as and when needed basis. I think its a very important feature that Vultr is missing and other Cloud Service providers are offering. Vultr should consider adding this feature asap.


  • I also think that it is a very important feature, on several occasions it is necessary to increase the computing capacity through the increase of CPU and / or RAM without the need for storage to be modified.
  • We already offer plan upgrades via the control panel.
  • OK, however, there are times when you only need to increase RAM memory or the number of CPU cores (without making changes to the hard disk). The plans of the control panel always modify the hard disk and for this reason it is practically impossible to increase the RAM memory only for a while and then return it to its original state (when decreasing the capacity of the hard disk there can be problems and loss of information).
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