API call to list DNS records not working


when i try to list the DNS records with the below API call ...

curl -H 'API-Key: YOURKEY' https://api.vultr.com/v1/dns/records?domain=example.com

I get the below output but not the list

no matches found: https://api.vultr.com/v1/dns/records?domain=example.com

Pleae help.

NB: I did replace example.com with my domain.tld


  • Hello,

    Can you provide the full output from the API? (filtering your key, of course). Curl has a "-v" parameter which provides a much more verbose output of the API call. At a glance, you are using the Curl utility correctly. Here's an example including that parameter:

    curl -v -H 'API-Key: YOUR_API_KEY' https://api.vultr.com/v1/dns/records?domain=YOUR_DOMAIN
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