Want to start over with Apache

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The Vultr One-Click Wordpress installs nginx as a server, and I would like to start over without changing my IP# using a Apache-based Wordpress server. I assume I am just going to have to manually remove the nginx directory and then somehow install Apache through CentOS?


  • Anyone? Buehler?
  • um.... If by start over, you really mean start over (total server rebuild is ok etc.) then you can rebuild your server using any of the other image that exist (i don't know if there is one for apache), or indeed any fresh install from any OS iso.

    The IP address won't change unless you actually delete the server from your control panel. So, go for it! Even if you don't find a vultr-provided image that is suitable, you may be able to find one elsewhere that you can upload via the control panel.
  • Really good advice, thanks! Before letting your response sink in I thought I would have to manually remove nginx and install Apache. Yes, trying to retain the IP# that's been in use for the domain(s). Thanks again!
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