2FA locked out

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I have an account with Vultr, I have sent more than 5 emails, I have sent more than 6 requests from the websites contact forum regarding this matter, I also tried to contact you from twitter with no hope, so I made this new account to be able to use the forum.

My account that is stuck is x, I am new to this 2FA, so I didnt know that I have to back up codes, and my phone that had the google authenticator crashed, can some one from support please check there email or reply to my x to solve this matter, I have contacted support@vultr and hostmaster@vultr from my locked account email and it is hopeless. I have also sent my government issued ID, also, my current email that I am using now to create a discussion here is the same email that I use on PAYPAL to pay for my x account, please help, I do not want to loose my service, I have some credit on my account but it is going to run out soon, and I cannot access my account to fill my credit.



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    Please email support@vultr.com, this is not something that can be handled via the forums.

    It looks like the email you've been using here is *not* valid, which is why you're not actually getting responses from support. I'd suggest you try sending from another address.

    I've edited your email out of your post here
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