Dedicated vs BareMetal?


I'm super excited about BareMetal but I'm confused on the pricing vs Dedicated.

Both offer the same # of CPUs (8) and the same amount of RAM (32G). Both garuntee you'll be the only person on the box.

But Dedicated costs only $240 vs BareMetal costing $300.

What does the extra money that BareMetal get you that the $240 Dedicated option doesn't?


  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your interest in Bare Metal!

    While both are great choices for workload intensive needs, you can currently expect higher performance on the Bare Metal platform due to two main factors: (1) no hypervisor overhead and (2) higher clock E3v6 Intel CPUs in the introductory plan.

    Since both products include our simple hourly pricing model and can be deployed in minutes, you can test each type for a few hours and see which one suits your needs.

    In the future, we do plan to introduce new hardware combinations at different price points, so do stay tuned!
  • @mike

    just my 2 cents, if you can add a BareMetal with NVME as the primary storage - that'd be WONDERFUL!
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    Please note, that baremetal is under sale of 60%. It will be more expensive than 32GB RAM DS in near future. Means the baremetal price will be 312 USD, I think.
  • Excited about the Bare Metal plan but no DDOS protection? Thats the only thing holding me back.

    I run multiple servers and only had a DDOS attack happen once and it was a nightmare.

    If I'm moving to Bare Metal that means I'm going to a bigger server and having all my clients in one basket with no DDOS protection doesn't sound too good anymore.

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