How to run CoreOS on Vultr

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Already got the CoreOS folks to review and publish the details here:


  • I believe this breaks the outside links rule?
  • @xxdesmus -Thanks, we will convert it to our format here if that's ok?
  • Absolutely OK. Apologies if I broke the rule. Just didn't see much of a point in typing up a published outside doc all over again.
  • We've added a new feature to the control panel that should make this process a little bit easier. You can now specify a URL to chainload when you're creating a VM. This means you don't have to type it into the console manually.
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    That is great news! That will definitely make this process much easier.

    I'll send CoreOS a PR with some updates that reflect this change.
  • You guys should start making youtube videos so that: can be translated into "monkey see -> monkey do"

    Please do not view me as the "monkey" in this case, this is a distant metaphor only.
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