Your account has been blocked by vultr firewall....

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I couldn't get a completed connection via putty to my vps...

So was trying to log into my account to work out why my instance is running so slow...

To find I get the above message, please get it sorted, I make my living from what's on my VPS...

By the way, your servers are rubbish - unreliable, inconsistent and slow..

Just about f*kn jack of it. Shame on my stupidity for paying so far in advance.


  • Sorry to hear about your troubles. I see you were able to login to your account a few minutes after you posted this. But, if you are still having problems, you can e-mail our 24x7 support team directly - by replying to one of your previous tickets or just sending a new email to the same address - and we will take a closer look.
  • @vicdr wrote:

    > By the way, your servers are rubbish - unreliable, inconsistent and slow..

    No they aren't. You obviously don't know what you are doing.

    | 02:36 (8) "~" jamie@catflap% uptime ; top | head -8
    | 2:36am up 150 days, 22:12, 2 users, load averages: 0.95, 0.77, 0.80
    | last pid: 14211; load averages: 0.95, 0.77, 0.80 up 150+22:11:44 02:36:46
    | 231 processes: 3 running, 205 sleeping, 2 stopped, 1 zombie, 20 waiting
    | Mem: 459M Active, 962M Inact, 27M Laundry, 484M Wired, 200M Buf, 32M Free
    | Swap: 4096M Total, 761M Used, 3335M Free, 18% Inuse
    | 11 0 root 155 ki31 0K 16K 0K RUN 2844.3 86.96% [idle]
    ... and it's only 150 days because I rebooted whilst testing something...
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