one or two times cpu peak a day

4096GB, 2vCore in Los Angeles with OpenBSD 6.2

When it cannot accept any connect, I find it always hits the peak, 200%, in the instance overview dashboard.
The workload is a httpd serving under 10 members. Its utilization is under 5% except for the problematic situation.
I have no clue. Where can I begin the inspection?


  • Hello,

    Although I don't run my webservers on OpenBSD, here are a few things that you can try that may help:

    1. Do you see unusual traffic in your httpd logs during the periods of heightened CPU activity?
    2. Did you compile httpd yourself? If so, maybe installing the OpenBSD package would help.
    3. Does restarting httpd resolve the issue during this scenario?
    4. You mentioned OpenBSD 6.2, so I'm assuming this is a custom install. You could also try running a server on OpenBSD 6.1 using the stock Vultr image.

    Best regards.
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